The impossible success

Lamer Boii Winter break. My favorite time of all. Yet this year, it’s different. With all I’ve lost lately, I can’t bring myself to once again enjoy the little shivers that are brought on by standing out in the dry arid cold. The taiga, if I may be so bold to call it that. As

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CONCLUSIONDrug addiction is a serious threat to any society.In Pakistan alone,there are almost five million drug addicts.Addicts undergo numerous economic,social and health problems.The governments all over the world have been trying to eliminate drug addiction from the society but still more efforts are needed to completely wipe it out.


⦁ WHAT IS DENGUE FEVER?Dengue fever is an infectious disease transmitted through mosquitos,causing any of the four related dengue viruses.It is also called BREAK BONE FEVER. ⦁ HISTORYDengue is one of the viral diseases transmitted through mosquito.The disease has affected all the warm parts of the world such as Pakistan,India,Srilanka,Bangladesh,Central Africa,Central America and China.It is

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