Only one out of five children involved in child labor are paid for his/her work
The international labor organization defines children labor as work that is mentally,socially & morally harmful for children.

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It leads them to no choice rather than to leave school and face the hardships of life.
Most children leave school prematurely due to children labor or it leads them to just complete their attendance at school and then do load work.

71 % of the child labor happens in agriculture
77% of child labor population is located in countries with armed conflicts
There are 218 M child labors around the world
Children labor generates about 150 billion dollars profit (as an illegal source)
There are 72.1 million workers in Africa and about 62 million in Asia
Children aged 5 to 11 account for 48% of the total child labor victims

Child labor is mostly caused in countries affected with inflammation and the cost to fill the belly is hard to earn.Children are mainly employed due to family debts.As a family falls in debt and the pressure increases,children are forced to work.According to UNICEF,the leading causes of children labor are lack of education & poverty.Other causes include inability of industries to lead up & lack of modern technology.Unequal distribution of wealth leads to some countries being rich while some countrymen struggling to pay house bills.Access to free education is limited. There are very less laws regarding child labor in developing countries.All of the mentioned above factors lead to child labor.Remember a child doesn’t do anything happily he is forced.
Steps are being taken in developing countries but these are inadequate.According to facts and figures,countries with strict legislation have a low number of child labor cases reported.Industry and mill owners should also play a role in this regard.They should set the minimum age of work at least 15-18 years to avoid child exploitation. Access to free education should be made available to everyone.This would encourage students to study while paying bills.Another way to reduce it is by educating the society.Give presentations to schools, nonprofits, and other groups to educate them about child labor issues and encourage positive action.
“The change starts within each one of us, and ends only when all children are free to be children.” – Craig Kielburger


  1. I don’t know how people see it. Child Labour is horrible! A lot of measures have to be taken to stop the act. Our young ones, teenagers need to be protected not sent off for some work. That isn’t supposed to be.

    Thanks for bringing this to our notice!

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  2. Being sustainable can also help – knowing where all your products are sourced from and taking a step towards making brands more conscious about sourcing their products ethically.

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  3. I agree with what you have said. Strict child labor laws are a must. The minimum employment age must be 16 with emergency home circumstances allowing 15-year-olds to work with limited hours for all ages until age 18. Also, you mention education being key to preventing this. This is true. Also, compulsory school attendance laws must become the norm, with parents being prosecuted if children are not in school. This requires a visible presence of the children in a public setting which is geared to be able to protect the children. It also ensures that the children can read and write. Thus, they will be able to detect when their rights are being violated. Thank You for bringing attention to this very important concern for children.–Two very important areas for legislatures to address.

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