Why do people talk in their sleep?

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Ever seen people talking in sleep? Or have people told you that you have been doing so in your sleep? Pretty awkward right? Who knows what we might blabber when we sleep? Do you know why that happens? Read on to find out.
This condition is called somniloquy. It is defined as talking during sleep without being consciously aware of it. They are 4 stages of sleep:
• Drowsy sleep
• Light sleep
• Deep sleep
• Active brain
The first 3 are categorized under NON-REM sleep and the last one is REM sleep. We dream in REM sleep and according to experts, sleep talk occurs in this stage. To prevent us from acting out our dreams, 2 neurotransmitters called Glycine and GABA are released by our body, which paralyses our muscles, thus preventing us from acting out our dreams. Very rarely, the neurotransmitters fail to act upon the muscles of the vocal cords and mouth(called the motor breakthrough), leading to voicing out our dreams.

Yes, this is why sleep talk occurs. I just hope I don’t sleep talk ever in my life 😀

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