A MONSTER lives in this lake!!!!

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The name is Loch Ness, the name of the lake. It is located in the north of Scotland and is the biggest lake in Britain. Not many people visited the lake, as it was always cold and dark, until a road was made around the lake. People began to use the road, and this is when the talks about the MONSTER started.

It all began when someone said that they actually saw a 12 metres long monster in the lake. Then others believed it too. In 1963, a London doctor took a photograph of the monster which was not clear. The newspapers printed the picture and called the monster ‘Nessie’.

Later in 1961, underwater cameras and even a submarine was used so that they could confirm the existence of the monster. They failed to do so, but did find something else, a huge underwater cave, which was big enough to be home of the monster.

In 1975, a search team consisting of some American scientists used underwater cameras which took pictures every 70 seconds. Some of the pictures showed a red-brown creature , 4 metres long with a vey ugly face. Many people the began to believe in the existence of the monster. But even today it is not certain,

Scientists, today, say that it may be giant eel. What do you think? Do you believe in monsters and such? Let me know in the comments.


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